Personal & Private Chefs

If you are a Chef & are looking for a professional platform to offer your customers with your own independent control then - Join & Become a Member of 'Chefs Without Limits'.
There are no sign up or registration fees & there are no monthly subscription fees. And really no waiting time to get going. Just go to 'Register your Food Venue Today'.

After a short period of time you will be able to find your online profile menu in a google search using the name of your venue & the city or town.

If you are interested in selling food from your home check out the cottage food laws or home-based food business laws in your area.
Following what is outlined in those areas is a great guide to help estalbish selling food from home.

After you sign up remember to connect your Stripe account to enable the payment system. You can create a Stripe account at
Also, remember to add pictures & descriptions of your food items.

Whatever your current business as a food vendor is, retailing food orders to your customers - you are welcome to create to your online store using the Chefs Without Limits ecommerce marketplace. Display your menu items that you have created as a Chef using the Chefs Without Limits platform.

'Chefs Without Limits' is a professional food order system ideal for all Chefs. Customers can easily place orders & vendors receive order notification by SMS text message & orders can be viewed on the App. It is easy to use & self manage menus & includes a prompt payment system.

This system is an alternative to others & allows more independent control of your online/App venue.
It's fairly new & designed for vendors & Chefs where you can setup your own online/App store with your menu to receive orders from customers.

Perhaps if you're starting your own business or have been thinking about it ... this is a great place to get established.
You can check out the videos and if it looks good you can sign up online & try it out.
Also, This system would work well for Chefs running or starting a ghost kitchen.

'Chefs Without Limits' is essentially a platform & ordering system to show your menu & allow clients to place orders. Examples being for a Private Chef, Caterer or any type of independent food vendor - to help run their business. You are welcome to sign up & create & add your menu that would be seen online & in the App. If you go to 'Register Your Food Venue Today' on the main page, from there you can add your menu.

Anyone interested should give it a try & it can be there as an added service for your clients & to provide them an interactive menu where they can place orders.

You will not be charged any fees until you make a sale from your venue through the Chefs system. This way you can setup & present your menu & pay no costs until a purchase through the system is made by one of your customers or clients.