Events & Food Festivals

If you are a vendor at a food festival & decide to get on board with Mobile App Ordering by becoming a member of Chefs Without Limits, then customers can browse food items you have for sale & purchase those on the Chefs' App. As a vendor who attends a festival you can easily register your venue & input your food items so visitors & customers can browse & purchase your goods on the App, perhaps even at later times when the festival is closed for pick up & delivery. Your goods can be easily organized & presented in a professional way on the App for viewing & purchase, also during times where the festival is not open. And as a vendor with your smartphone handy, you can receive orders from customers nearby via Mobile App ordering. Chefs Without Limits is the best App for food festivals.

It's that easy. There's no waiting time after signing up & there are zero costs involved except on final orders, with Chefs' having a built in payment system. Again, follow these steps:

• Install the App & register or register online
• Input your menu within the App or website
• Set your Schedule
• Connect a bank account to the integrated Stripe payment system
• Select the open button, to open your online kitchen
• Post the Chefs Sign & tell customers